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Time Management

The ability to use one’s time effectively or productively. Especially at work.

So, what is time management? How can we use our time effectively and productively?

Well, effective planning is the first important component of time management. Assign specific times to activities according to their importance. Ask yourself which activity is more important for today? How much time should I spend on this task? Set yourself a Task Plan or a To Do List – do not make the list unrealistic. If you have 10 items listed, you are unlikely to complete the tasks. However, if you just put 3 items down at a time you are likely to finish the list. Once completed the 3 items put a tick next to it.

It may be a good idea to set up some goals and objectives. Without goals and targets how do you know where you are going. Set some reasonable and achievable goals.

Set up some realistic deadlines. If you have lots of deadlines invest in a wall planner and prioritise them and tick them once you have completed them.

We all have problems with this one, delegation and saying No! We all think that we should do everything ourselves, as we feel it is easier and quicker to do it so, than having to explain to someone else. However, this is not the case. We cannot do everything ourselves. This is not productive.

You know the difference between important and urgent work. Look at your workload and prioritise which task should be done in a day, and which should be done in a month or so.

So how do you know that you are spending the correct time on the right activity? Try to get into a routine of doing the right thing at the right time. Work that is completed at the wrong time is not productive. Do not waste your time and day on something which can be completed in an hour or so. Allocate some time on personal calls or checking social media as this is where you lose time and get caught in the tunnel vision of social media.

It may be an idea to avoid keeping a stack of files and papers at your workstation. Ensure that your desk is just used for the items you need for the day. Ensure important documents are in relevant folders and labelled so you can easily find it.

Everyone on works slightly different so invest in a planner that works for you, whether that is a hard copy planner or a digital one.

Thanks for reading and visiting our page.

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